hey, mod v here to apologize for the long, long delay— both of us have had a lot on our plate lately,and the major thing keeping me from posting here is that my computer is, unfortunately, completely busted. so we’re not dead, but it might be a while before we are up and running again! thank you very much for your patience, we will be updating asap.

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Fly Me (Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess)

Circle: False and Trues

Album: techmatrix

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酔花 / Drunken Flower (Oriental Memory of Forgathering Dream)

Circle: Riverside

Album: よひむすび

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Bad Apple !! [Piano]

Artist: 朝比奈

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So I normally don’t really post a lot of Touhou music but this is a pretty cool circle. From what I know the circle name is クロネコラウンジ (Black Cat Lounge) and the group seems to consist of some artists, Rin, MYTK and Jerico. Makes some pretty nice stuff if you’re into Touhou arranges & electronic music (specifically house). Possibly worth a check if you’re not into Touhou either. And most of all, it’s free. So check ‘em out.

At the moment they have sets for

And they’re working on Scarlet Weather Rhapsody from the looks of things on their blog?

But yeah, worth the time.

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instrument flight rules (Deaf to all but the Song)

Circle: Ruxia

Album: Flower, Sun and Moon

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幕間 ~雨降る森~ (The Gods Give Us Blessed Rain ~ Sylphid Dream)

Circle: Floating Cloud

Album: Touhou Irish

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Gensokyo Millennium ~ History of the Moon

Circle: 彩音 ~xi-on~

Album: 東方志奏 2nd Spell -Fullmoon-

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Threat of rain (Mystic Dream, staff roll theme)

Circle: Syrufit

Album: over

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Melting time (Lunate Elf+Beloved Tomboyish Daughter)

Circle: Draw the Emotional

Album: Funny party in the Fog

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